Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Welcome to You.....

Hi Fellas and Hopefully Some Ladies out there,
I’m BBW Caramel Kitten. You all have to bear with me because this is my first venture into blogging. Many of you know me from various adult websites and a few adult movies. I’ve now ventured out on my own check out ( myspace.com/theperfectvfilms ) to see more about my company. This blog is going to trail along my business and personal growth in the XXX world. Until my site is released there is only so much booty and tits I can show you on myspace so I decided to give you a little extra sneak peaks here.
I’m 22 not a baby but not quite a full fledged grown up yet I’m still very young at heart lol. I’m biracial…stay tuned and you might find out what I’m mixed with. I’m silly, soft, but can be aggressive when I want or need to. I love my fans…and I really love what I do. I hope that you all will come to really enjoy my blog as it’s my door for you to get to know me a little better.
If there is anything you want to see picture wise. LET ME KNOW. A video clip, a hair style, outfit…def let me know. I am all ears. So I have included a few pics from my latest photo shoot with “Official Squirter- Kelly Kumz” hope you enjoy. See you all in a few more days when I give you entry 2.